AMG M156/M159 Naturally Aspirated Custom Tuning Service

AMG M156/M159 Naturally Aspirated Custom Tuning Service

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AMG M156/M159 Naturally Aspirated Custom Tuning Service managed remotely worldwide. Sport and Hammer tunes included as part of all engine tuning packages.

Sport Tune includes:

  • Increased throttle response
  • Improved transmission shift speed
  • Improved transmission shift performance
  • Improved transmission shift directness
  • No longer will your transmission seem confused in what gear to be in
  • Throttle pedal remapped to a 1 to 1 ratio in relation to the engine throttle body
  • Increase in miles per gallon
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved fumes due to perfect combustion burn
  • Spark plug longevity
  • No/reduced soot
  • Improved emissions
  • Improved power

Hammer Tune includes:

  • All of the above plus
  • Gains of 25 to 30% more in engine response and delivery of power
  • The feeling of oneness with the engine
  • Absolute unlocking of the power potential of the M156/M159


  • Customer owned HP Tuners MPVi2 or MPVi3 device
  • HP Tuners Universal Credits associated to licensing the M156/M159 engine (6? Credits, 8 credits are listed as required by HP Tuners but our customers have reported that only 6 are now required)
  • Windows Laptop PC

Below Will Require Additional Add-On Remapping Service:

  • 82mm or larger Throttle Bodies
  • Aftermarket Camshafts

Although, 82mm or larger throttle bodies will work, drive, and make power perfectly with our current tunes, we do offer an additional add on which adds additional mapping to further refine the response and smooth out the mapping of larger throttle bodies.  This additional mapping will remove any dartiness post installation of the larger flowing throttle bodies which is present.

Datalogging steps as well as tuning process will be provided once payments have been processed.

*It is highly recommended before tuning to replace with new PCV Valve, Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils, Fuel Injectors, and Oxygen Sensors as well as inspect your throttle body mounting plate for holes in the plate.

**ALL PRICES REFLECT US DOLLARS. Please utilize appropriate currency conversion resources for up to date conversion rates.