custom tuning packages

custom tuning packages

all custom tune packages require interaction between the vehicle owner and eightysixtuned throughout the tuning process.

our base maps will start, run, and allow for full operation of vehicle. with our custom tuning packages, we custom tailor your fuel and ignition maps specifically for your vehicle and its configuration as it should have come from the factory.

gasoline can and will vary state to state.  93 octane in one state is very different than 93 octane in another state therefore, there is absolutely no one size fits all.  similarly with tuning, one tune may or may not work for another customer even with the same exact vehicle specification and fuel octane.  there are too many variables to factor in like fuel station or brand.

every single vehicle as part of a custom tune package will receive a fully hand built bespoke tune specifically to the specification of the vehicle owner.  all tunes will be configured to work within eightysixtuned's safety margins.  these safety margins are safer than that of which are provided to by the factory in their factory mappings.  at any point the vehicle owner would like to push for a more aggressive map, those requests can be completed explicitly with disclaimer of liability.

at no point in time should a customer feel that their tune cannot make more power or perform better than the competition.  there is no competition.

with all of our custom tuning packages, it is an absolute requirement that datalogs are recorded by the owner and submitted to eightysixtuned.  from those datalogs, we will continue to refine your fuel and ignition maps to be ideal for your configuration and fuel.  datalogs as well as map updates will be completed based on the the vehicle owners schedule.  we do not require datalogs to be recorded and sent immediately.  please work on these at your own pace vehicle safety permitted.