remote tuning, what is it, what is it not? can't i just purchase a tune?

remote tuning in relation to our custom tuning service, what is it, what is it not?

it is common knowledge that many "tuners" accept your money and within a few short minutes you as a consumer expect a tune read to install.  sometimes they send you a device of some sort which allows read and write to your vehicle.  other "tuners" require your vehicle on site to flash a tune file directly to your vehicle.  in this format, you may not be easily able to return your vehicle back to its factory state of tune.  although this is common practice in the marketplace, this is not our process with our custom tuning service.

our custom tuning service is a service offered worldwide and will require each customer to follow steps at our direction how to data log or record their vehicle's engine sensor data.  with each data log we then utilize this information to custom tailor your tune specifically for your vehicle.  this process is a collaboration of customer and eightysixtuned and can be completed a short as 1 day to as long as 1 month to a final state of tune.  we allow each customer the flexibility to complete data logging/recording at their own time schedule.  with this we strive to improve drivability, shifting, response, as well as full throttle performance.  to achieve this, real world data logging/recording is our only choice.

to support our custom tuning service device purchase will need to be completed through another retailer.  as we would love to directly offer these devices to you all, current purchase agreements are at much higher volume that we could procure even if we have 15x more volume sales.  we are a boutique tuner and have a dedication to quality of which quantity or volume is not what we strive for.


can't i just purchase a "shelf" tune?

will eightysixtuned ever offer a similar service to other tuners?  possibly, at some point we would love to, but currently our focus is to deliver the best product available anywhere.  if we do plan to offer shelf tunes at some point, we'll leverage the data logs of hundreds or even thousands of hours data we have in our database.  essentially, they'll be "on the shelf" tune, but still will have hundreds or even thousands of hours behind each tune file.  not exactly a generic tune at all.  since we always strive to deliver the absolute best product, compiling available tunes takes hundreds of hours of work to solidify a product that meets our expectations.  until then and still after, our custom tuning service will always be the pinnacle of quality and service that we will offer.  if you want the absolute best, our custom tuning service is the absolute best we offer and the best service offered anywhere.


please refer to our datalogging vs dyno tuning page for more information regarding datalogging