“…now the good part. The tune! Initially when I started the car it was way louder. Throttle is set to a 1:1 ratio which is very aggressive. But, is actually perfect. Before with other tunes the throttle felt laggy or just overly snappy. It just feels right to me at least. The gear changes are oem smooth. Throughly tested them in comfort, sport, sport+, and m. The power of the car feels much stronger than any tune I previously had. Even my fiancé mentioned that the car has more balls now lol. I haven’t put the hammer down fully (still letting car adapt since I cleared fuel trims) but 75% throttle in 3rd feels phenomenal! I’m eager to dial the car in with barry but his base file for 99% of the community will be beyond pleased. The car is way more torquey from low to high rpm range.

Plus, all my emission monitors are set and functioning with headers and catted mids.

I’m beyond pleased! I highly recommend Barry’s tune.”
“…I was running a tune from another vendor on here that was a generic “canned tune “. It ran ok but that’s all I knew at the time so that’s what I stuck with. I’m a numbers type of person and was asking my original tuner about data logging and what software / hardware they recommend. They didn’t seem interested and were always slow to respond.

…the big difference with barry’s service is the data logging - he tailors the ecm to exactly your car and mods and exactly the way it behaves based on the logs. Like any manufactured product , no 2 cars are the same. With the finalized tune loaded my car pulls much harder especially in the higher rpm range, shifts are quicker , and the 1:1 throttle calibration makes the car feel better off the line. The cold idle is even smoother as well. Hoping to make it to the track soon and see how much faster it will trap now.

I have a diesel truck that I’ve been through probably 6 different tuners with and barry was by far the best to work with. If you can use a laptop and install simple software eightysixtuned is the way to go. Highly recommended!”

”…what I liked about Barry was that he took the time to actually listen to my frustrations. He didn’t promise me anything other than... “the car is going to drive as it is meant to”.

When speaking to him it is clear that he knows the m156 inside and out. He didn’t like to blame the other tuners for failing to properly tune my car. It’s understandable because I decided to do a build that involved using modified parts to make more power.

…he could diagnose any potential issues prior to tuning my car. In fact, he wouldn’t work on my car until he could make sure that there were no mechanical issues.

It was clear to me that he really knew his ****.

Now that I am on eightysixtuned I am no longer having any issues caused by the tune. I am honestly completely blown away by the service provided. My car pulls consistently like a freight train. If I ever have any issues with my car I will ask barry and he can quickly diagnose the issue with the logs I send him. He was able to see that my 02 sensors were going out. I know Barry doesn’t like to advertise numbers but I feel like I should post this up anyways. My car made 600whp on pump gas. No e85.”
" So I got a custom tune with eightysixtuned, and I gotta say THE HYPE IS REAL.
Coming from a _______ can tune to this, the difference was next level. Let’s talk first about how smooth the tune is vs _______. My _______ tune would run so rich and was so choppy. The custom tune from eighty, I swear, feels better than a stock car. No more choppiness in the rpm range when your just chillin but when you get on it, I can confidently say this is much faster and smoother than the _______ tune. The car pulls hard all the way to redline and it does it without any hiccups or choppiness.

I really don’t beat on my car on the streets so drivability is very important to me. Overall I am just blown away. Another thing I want to talk about is price. I was honestly pushed away for awhile considering eighty’s tune due to the price, it is not cheap, BUT after this experience and how fast his response times are and doesn’t care if you bombard him with questions AND takes the time to explain things to you like your a noob (like me). This right here is why you pay that premium and I am so glad I did.

overall couldn’t be happier, there is something called a hammer tune he offers for free that is supposed to be balls to the walls, and I am looking forward to running that at the track to break this 10.

Great service offered by Barry and eightysixtuned. No other tuner will ever touch my car at this point.

I would talk to Barry before you decide to get your car tuned with him to ask questions and get details.

Thank you for giving me a great tuning experience."

“…there is quite a difference from _______. That was done on the dyno with like 2 to 3 runs. We got some good numbers but it was not refined based on real world driving. The current tune feels much more smooth and powerful through the rpms/gears.
Overall the car has come alive and likes to rev nicely. Shifting is nice and crisp. Also c mode seems even more comfortable, if that makes sense.“
- Terrence
“car feels like an animal! Lol your tune has completely changed the exhaust tone, it sounds super aggressive now with the long tubes at WOT
Thanks Barry! Rocking the popcorn tune right now, feels pretty awesome! Definitely grabs some attention lol
I'll load up the flames map on the weekend and try to grab some videos of it.
Will definitely be referring people to you! Super happy I went with you over the ______ guy!”
- Charlie