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Custom Tuning Service Retune Fee

Custom Tuning Service Retune Fee

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In situations where a retune may be extensive enough to require a full system remapping, a retune fee must be charged.  Full remapping involves any number of the changes listed below.  As all tunes are developed new from the ground up, any drastic changes will require a full retune and service charge.

Examples Including:

Change of injector brand, size, or flow
Addition of aftermarket camshafts
Installation of ported heads
Piston compression ratio change
Supercharger pulley size change
Generally any internal part modification to the engine
82mm throttle bodies

Examples Not Requiring a Retune Fee:

Exhaust work including header changes
Intake changes including airboxes, intakes, filters


If you are questioning if your modification will require addition of a custom tuning service retune fee, please email